Untidy Faith

An Untidy Faith with Trey Ferguson

March 20, 2023 Kate Boyd | Author of An Untidy Faith
Untidy Faith
An Untidy Faith with Trey Ferguson
Show Notes

I have the true honor of having THE Pastor Trey Ferguson writing the foreword to my book that comes out on April 18. 

So I was doubly honored when he said yes to interviewing me about the book so I could share it with all of you. 

We talk about ...

  • How to rethink the way we treat Scripture that actually lets Jesus be Good News
  • What it's like to disagree with everyone you grew up with
  • What book I originally set out to write and how social media changed my idea
  • How I want you to feel if you take the journey with me through the book

Find more from Trey on Twitter | Instagram | TikTok | New Living Treyslation Podcast | 3 Black Men Podcast and support his book Theologizin' Bigger.

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